Bridal Build Ups by Gemma


Gemma is an absolute miracle worker. When I bought my wedding dress it was a tube top, and I had a vision of a beautiful build-up with flowing sleeves. The first alterations lady that I took my dress to told me that it was going to be too difficult and too expensive to add the top and sleeves that I wanted. I was absolutely crushed and almost tried to return my dress, but my mom insisted that we get a second opinion. We went to Gemma’s store and she was 100% positive and confident that she could do exactly what I wanted. Not only that, but her prices were incredibly reasonable.

Over the last few months I have had 5 or 6 fittings with Gemma where she made sure I was happy with every step of my dress alteration. If there was every anything that I wanted altered she was always willing and happy to do it. By the time the dress was finished it was everything and more than what I imagined. It was absolutely perfect in every way. She and her sister hand beaded the build-up to look identical to the original Modesty Buildupbeadwork, and they even hand stitched some of the flowers to match the appliques. I was absolutely amazed by the finished product and I couldn’t have asked for a better dress. On my wedding day people were constantly asking me where I got my dress. I bought the dress at a bridal store, but Gemma made it mine.

Not only did she do an amazing build-up on my dress, Gemma also took it in from a size 8 to a 1, hemmed up the bottom, added a bustle, and was a joy to work with. Her spunky personality made every visit exciting and she loves doing what she does. I will continue to recommend Gemma to anyone for as long as I live.

Thank you for making my wedding dress vision came to life!



Brooke Stirling Passey

A few examples of Build-ups done by Gemma