Sewing and Alteration Tip: How to replace a button

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How to replace a button:

There are two types of buttons, Sew Through buttons (2 or 4 holes through the middle) and Shank buttons ( a loop attached at bottom of button)

For sew through buttons we will need all purpose thread (match color of thread on other buttons), a toothpick or something similar to create a spacer and of course a needle.

First thread the needle and place a knot on one end of the thread. From the underside of the garment in the location desired for the button pass the needle all the way to the knot. Make 4 close cross stitches to create a base for your button end with the needle on the top of fabric. Pass the needle through one of the holes of the button then slide the button down the thread to the fabric. Position the button so the holes are balanced with the others on the garment. Place the toothpick across the top of your button stitch over the toothpick 4 to 6 stitches (you will want to match your stitch to the other buttons)

End your last stitch with the needle coming from underneath and ending between the fabric and button. Remove toothpick and pull button up firmly to take up the space created by toothpick. Now wrap the needle and thread a few times around the thread between the button and fabric then push the needle from front to back of fabric. On the under side push the needle through your stitches leaving a loop, pass needle through loop and pull snugly to knot. Trim thread close and Viola you are done.

For Shank buttons start on the side of garment were button will be placed. Push the needle through to the underside all the way to the knot. make 2 small stitches. Place the button at the stitch with the shank pararrell with the button hole. Pass the needle through the shank and stitch through the fabric 4 or 6 times. Pass the under the stitches on the underside of fabric, pull thread through to form a loop. Pass needle through the loop snugly to form a knot. Trim thread and this was much easier wasn’t it?

– Gemma Vigneaux

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